becoming is in us
empty yourself
you cannot do everything
you cannot be omnipotent
find the peace
build the peace
if you believe
this you can do
make your feelings your guide
peace and beauty step for step
the world the nature the men
your soul
reconciliation is intelligence
sensitivity is life
do not waste your life
do not waste your time
do not waste opportunities
life cannot be bought
live the life
live the love
live the beauty
live in humility
pure shapes
for a new concept of space
space as a place that enhances soul
design and matter neutrality
lets the being express itself
the individual
the only real protagonist
a language deprived
of disorder surplus and excesses
value to emptiness and simplicity
using natural materials
to revert to the pristine state of things
monochromatic and mono-material elements
to build objects over trends
refined sensitivity to design the unusual
looking for harmony and timeless balance
a way of behaving
of living of being